Our guarantee

 Royal exchange service.Cash provides high security of all transactions. We use one of the latest and best technological data protection systems to protect your data when performing any transactions involving the exchange, sale or purchase of electronic currencies. This system provides reliable encryption of all incoming and outgoing information to the server, ensuring maximum security for our clients. We have unique partnerships with outstanding companies, a list of which you can find below.

 Popular monitoring of exchange offices BestChange has been a world leader in the relevant market segment for many years. Royal.Cash has a positive reputation and the status of a reliable exchange service, which is why our service is a worthy partner of the largest monitoring.

 Royal.Cash is a certified partner of well-known payment systems, such as:

 We appreciate your trust and thank you for choosing Royal.Cash. Our friendly team constantly strives to do everything possible for uninterrupted discussion of the highest level. We are constantly improving and it is important for us to know your opinion about the exchange service provided. We are also happy to review all the suggestions for improving, optimizing and modernizing the exchange service. Customer appreciation in the form of feedback is the best indicator of the quality of our work and the main incentive to do everything possible to provide quality services.